Catering Companies

There is a French proverb which says “Better a good dinner than a fine coat”. A sumptuous meal has the power to change your mood and make your day. So the importance of food can not be ignored and the same applies to the catering companies too.

What is a Catering Company?

We love parties and of course the delicious food served to us in such parties. A catering company is a professional organization which expertise in providing food and drink services on your special occasions and events. Catering companies are employed to organize and manage our parties. Whether the occasion is a big corporate event or a private ceremony, good food services are always in demand and hence the need of good catering companies too. With good food and proper arrangement, one can be rest assured of making the guests happy and satisfied with the help of a good catering company. 

Types of catering companies

On the basis of primary service provided by catering companies, they can be classified into two categories. First is the class of catering companies operating in the premises of the event venue. These types of catering companies prepare and serve the food in the same place i.e at the place of party.

Second type is of those catering companies which prepare their food at a place of their choice i.e their own workstation and then supply the food at the party venue. So the preparation and serving of food is done at different locations in the second case.

Another style of classification of catering companies can be done on the basis of their serving styles. The catering company can provide the food either in the buffet style or can arrange a seated meal. The advantage of buffet style is that your guests are free to make their choice. They can make their own choices about the dishes and the quantity. One can prevent spillage with the buffet style of serving as well.

The advantage of the catering company providing sit down meal is that guests have not to bother about picking food. They get it all at the same place. This is especially beneficial for the events which has a long guest list or for the corporate events. The ‘sit down’ arrangement also looks more organized and well planned.

While choosing between these types of catering styles, one must check the budget too. The catering company offering sit down arrangement is quite expensive than the catering company providing buffet style. So if your budget is not very accommodating and your party is a private affair then opting for the buffet style catering companies seems a better option.

Services Offered By Catering Companies

Today catering companies are not limited to food services only. For example, most of the leading catering companies in London, UK are involved in catering as well as full event management functions as well.

Let’s discuss the services offered by a catering company:

  • Food services: The most important task of a catering company is to provide delicious food and drinks services in order to make your party a cheerful and memorable event. Food is the main thing which makes people talk even after the party is long over
  • Decorations: Today the scope of catering companies is widened and they have taken the charge of managing the whole event. They provide full services not only in culinary department but in decoration too. As a lovely and beautiful atmosphere adds charm to your event, catering companies help in creating a nice ambience as well.
  • Food presentation: With attractive garnishing and styling of dishes, the catering company raises the interest of the guests and makes meals more presentable and meal time more pleasurable.
  • Bartending and cocktail services: You can not neglect the importance of drinks in your party and hence the catering companies hire talented bartenders and mixologists who deliver delectable cocktails. Most catering companies operating in London, UK are famous for their delightful cocktails.
  • Event planning: The catering companies have evolved into event planers as well. For planning the function, you need to decide the theme, style of the food, entertainment activities, reception of the guests, children management (joy rides etc to engage the kids) and other party specific things. Catering service provider solves such dilemma by offering their assistance in deciding the various nuances of any event.

Occasions Managed by the Catering Company

Most of the catering companies today specialize in multitasking and are involved in organizing private parties like birthdays and anniversaries, corporate events and weeding ceremonies.  Corporate catering involves office lunch services, corporate parties, product launch parties, and promotional parties. Also the trend of blending official meetings with group lunches or dinners is becoming popular today as it serves the business purpose and aids in maintaining healthy and affable relationships with your clients, customers and business associates. Along with above mentioned occasions, catering companies are involved in industrial caterings too where they serve food for educational institutes, schools, railways and airline passengers etc.

Choosing the right catering company

Choosing a catering company can be an arduous task. Especially when it comes to London or any place in UK, where there are many players in the marker, selecting a UK based catering company becomes even more challenging. However, as with any other services or products, a careful research can yield in identifying the best catering companies. For this, one may contact relatives or ask acquaintances for referrals. The best thing about referrals is that they come after some one already gains an experience with a particular service provider and therefore the element of surprise reduces to the barest minimum. Other approach to identify the best catering company will be to look for yellow pages or search online. Almost all catering companies have their virtual presence and therefore researching about them won’t be challenging either. However, once you identify the right catering company, ask for their clientele. Call their clients to inquire about their services, time management and over all commitment to what these catering companies promise.